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Miles Moccasins are made to order footwear that are created with you, for you. 


On this page you can customize your Miles Mocs by selecting the following:


  • Leather: Choose from our in-house options of locally sourced leather that is processed here in the United States.
    • If what you are looking for is not in stock, contact the owner and crafter Troy Miles, or 1.970.699.9439, to ask about incoming leather types and colors.


  • Style: Choose from three moccasin heights.
    • Ankle: 4 inches tall
    • Mid-rise: 6 inches tall
    • High-top: 8 inches tall


  • Size: Choose whether you need men's or women's sizing. Moccasins range from sizes 5 to 12.
    • For orders greater than size 12 (ex. 12.5 and up), the price increases appropriatly to account for the added leather and time.
      • If you need a size larger than 12 you must write this in the last text box on this page
      • We currently do not make youth or baby moccasins at this time


  • Personalization: Add the final touches to your Miles Mocs. 
    • Choose your moccasin fit. It is important to know whether you need a narrow, regular or wide shoe.
      • *Narrow fit: Very few people need this modification
      • *Regular fit: The majority of customers will need this modifcation
      • *Wide fit: Some customers will need this modification, typically if they have high arches, wide feet or use insoles
    • Choose to add either fringe (with x-lacing) or x-lacing (with no fringe) to your design.

Bison Leather

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